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Mass Transit Surveillance and Early Warning System

Principal Investigator:

Vassilios Morellas, Director, Computer Science and Engineering


Project Summary:

The Mass Transit Surveillance and Early Warning System under development in this research project will attempt to automatically detect unusual individual or crowd behavior and abandoned luggage or parcels. The surveillance system will also assist the mass transit security forces in monitoring vital areas such as entrances and exits, boarding platforms, tunnels, and other key areas for detection of suspicious activities. It will provide a common integrated video view to improve situational awareness, allowing the security forces to assess unusual events and direct first responders as required. The system will integrate existing on-site security equipment with state-of-the-art technologies to take advantage of the successful work done to date, decrease overall costs and new equipment training, and to allow for better utilization of the current security staff.


Project Details:

  • Start date: 08/2004
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Research Area: Transportation Safety and Traffic Flow
  • Topics: Security, Transit, Vision Systems
  • Phased Project(s):