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Projects Components - Task E: Prepare for Countermeasure Demonstration

A decision by the Infrastructure Consortium to extend this work into a follow-on demonstration and potential Field Operational Test (after year 3) of the countermeasure is to be made midway through year 3 of this three-year project. A proposal to the FHWA will have to be created, passed through both the University of Minnesota and Mn/DOT approval chains before being submitted to the FHWA for consideration and subsequent approval.

The Minnesota program should be well positioned to respond to the FOT. First, all necessary surveillance equipment will be installed, operational, and validated at the experimental intersection described above. Second, a number of states participating in the Minnesota led pooled fund study will have surveillance equipment located at an intersection in their respective states. With the infrastructure in place, the breadth of the FOT can be widened by incorporating the driver interface at those respective intersections.

Finally, the effort to secure approval for the experimental driver interface should result in MUTCD approval well in advance of the start of the FOT. All necessary elements will be in place by the time an award is made.

It is important to note that the complete countermeasure, including a driver interface, will be demonstrated in a driving simulator (see Task B2).

Task E Deliverable: An intersection equipped with the sensors, computational hardware, and infrastructure needed to demonstrate the technologies proposed herein.

Task E Duration: 3 months.

Link to state pooled fund: Select pooled fund states will have intersection surveillance systems in place, making them well positioned to participate in the FHWA sponsored FOT to evaluate the countermeasures in operation.