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Distracted Driving

Teen Driver

Distracted driving is the result of allocating cognitive and physical resources to tasks other than the primary task of driving. If you are trying to do too many tasks at once, the amount of attention you will be able to give any one thing is limited. Your performance on each task decreases as more are added.

The ITS Institute has conducted extensive research to directly examine the influence of distractions both inside and outside the vehicle on a driver's attention allocation and subsequent driving performance. The Institute has also conducted distraction-related studies on vehicle-based technologies and on the effectiveness of systems intended to aid drivers.

Research Projects

Distraction Dodger

Teen Driver

Distraction Dodger is an online game developed by the ITS Institute to help teens and young adults understand the importance of concentrating on driving. In the game, players drive a mobile pizza delivery vehicle while contending with a variety of distractions. The Institute also created an accompanying five-lesson driver distraction curriculum for use by K-12 educators.