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Summer 2012

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Safe Teen Car technology targets risky driving

The University of Minnesota and Maryland-based research organization Westat have developed a vehicle-based technology solution to reduce teen driver crashes. The prototype driver support system—called the Safe Teen Car (STC)—provides feedback to teen drivers when risky behaviors are detected.

System detects dangerous conditions on winter roads
To improve safety on potentially hazardous winter roadways, researchers from the University of Minnesota Duluth have developed a system to detect snow and ice on road and bridge surfaces.

Former students thrive in transportation careers
Many University of Minnesota students who have graduated with transportation-related degrees have moved into successful careers in industry, urban planning, education, and government.

Annual career expo attracts variety of students, exhibitors
More than 100 students seeking transportation-related career opportunities converged on the east bank campus of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis on February 28 for the 2012 Transportation Career Expo.

ITS Institute and Intelligent Vehicles Lab technology a ‘Modern Marvel’
Driver-assist technology developed at the University of Minnesota is helping snowplow drivers keep Thompson Pass open during Alaska’s long, severe winters—and The History Channel recently profiled this technology as part of a show, “Modern Marvels,” about Alaska.

Students, staff attend TRB
Faculty, students, and researchers from the University of Minnesota presented current and recently completed ITS-related research at the Transportation Research Board 91st Annual Meeting.

Distraction Dodger premieres at Teen Safe Driving Summit
Distraction Dodger, an online game developed by the ITS Institute, premiered at the 4th Annual Teen Safe Driving Summit in February.