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Spring 2011

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Technology lets buses bypass congestion
A driver-assist system developed at the ITS Institute is helping local bus drivers safely navigate bus-only shoulder lanes, even in adverse conditions. The system uses a combination of highly accurate differential GPS and vehicle-mounted laser sensors to monitor a bus’s position on the roadway and provides visual and tactile alerts to quickly deliver critical information to the driver. 

Students, staff attend TRB
Faculty, students, and researchers from the University of Minnesota presented current and recently completed ITS-related research at the Transportation Research Board 90th Annual Meeting, held January 23-27 in Washington, D.C. 

Institute outreach sparks interest at TechFest
The ITS Institute exhibited for the fourth year in a row at TechFest, a one-day event focusing on engineering, held at The Works, a hands-on science and technology museum.  

National, local researchers featured in seminar series
Visiting researchers and University of Minnesota faculty members presented such ITS-related topics as driver privacy and intelligent decision-support systems in the Fall 2010 Advanced Transportation Technologies Seminar Series. 

STREET project featured in Webcast seminar
The Simulating Transportation for Realistic Education and Training program was highlighted at a September 16 Center for Transportation Studies Research Seminar. Henry Liu, assistant professor of civil engineering, discussed how the program is providing students with a more interactive, hands-on learning experience  

Technology holds promise to prevent drunk driving, speaker says
Addressing the 2011 CTS Winter Luncheon on February 15, highway safety researcher Susan A. Ferguson described how a system to unobtrusively measure a driver's blood-alcohol content is being developed by a government-industry partnership.