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Programs & Labs

Programs & Labs

The ITS Institute carries out research using several different dedicated labs and facilities on the Twin Cities campus and at the University's Duluth campus.

HumanFIRST Program

Photo of a driver in a vehicle.

The HumanFIRST Program conducts research into human interaction with complex technical systems, specializing in the simulation of real-world environments to study driver control and behavior.

Intelligent Vehicles Laboratory

Photo of high-tech equipment in a standard car.

The Intelligent Vehicles Laboratory consists of several vehicles including an instrumented tractor trailer and snowplow; high-accuracy differential global positioning systems (DGPS); radar technologies; and augmented displays for driver-assistive technology research.   

Minnesota Traffic Observatory (MTO)

Photo of Ted Morris on roof

The Minnesota Traffic Observatory (MTO) is a transportation laboratory focusing on testing and evaluation of new transportation management and operational strategies and traveler information technologies.

Northland Advanced Transportation Systems Research Laboratories (NATSRL)

Aerial photo of NATSRL.

The Northland Advanced Transportation Systems Research Laboratories are located on the University's Duluth campus and conducts research on cold-weather transportation systems and the transportation needs of small cities.

Policy & Planning

Aerial photo of a highway onramp.

Policy & Planning for ITS is a federally funded research program designed to equip transportation and infrastructure professionals with the technological tools to address congestion and other system challenges in the coming years.