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Good Question: Why Do We Use Cloverleaf Interchanges On Roads?

WCCO 4 TV News, June 20, 1013

We’ve all seen the traffic camera shot of a tractor-trailer sprawled out on the highway after trying to take a cloverleaf curve. So, that had one viewer wondering: Why do we use cloverleaf interchanges on interstates? Heather Brown interviews Minnesota Traffic Observatory lab manager Stephen Zitzow for an explanation.

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U of M researchers work to speed wait times at traffic lights


Researchers at the University of Minnesota are working to help drivers plan routes around traffic on side streets before they even leave the house. SMART Signal logs drivers’ actual wait times at dozens of intersections. The data is then compiled to show real-time traffic information online.

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Researchers aim to improve road crew response during snow

KSTP News, March 5, 2013

To help MnDOT more accurately and reliably estimate the performance of its snow management activities, researchers from the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) have developed a prototype process that uses traffic data to help determine the roadway recovery time.

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18 Brilliant ways to end gridlock and save billions

Business Insider

Congestion takes its toll of the planet as well: Most cars are at their least efficient in stop and go traffic, and the wasted fuel only makes their impact on the atmosphere worse. Fortunately for drivers tired of spending hours in the car, national economies that could use a few extra billion dollars, and everyone hoping for a healthier planet, gridlock can be eliminated. University of Minnesota experts Henry Liu, John Hourdos, and Kathleen Harder offer some solutions.

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Higher ed at the Fair: From Tommie Totes to the U’s Gridlock Buster

MinnPost, August 29, 2012

On the other end of the scale, the University of Minnesota occupies eight different fairground locations, from which it hosts a seemingly endless series of events designed to engage an even broader audience. “If you’re interested in transportation, we will have our Center for Transportation Studies experts on hand, [with] a game called Distraction Dodger or Gridlock Buster to better familiarize Minnesotans with the effects of playing with your cell phone in your car or trying to text,” according to Jason Rohloff, special assistant to the president for government and community relations.


Distracted-driving video game aims to teach teens

WCCO 4 TV News, August 28, 2012
The State Fair is the perfect place to talk about distracted driving. Whether you’re in a golf cart or a car, all of your focus has to be on the road, which is often filled with people. Now the University of Minnesota hopes a new video game will hit the point home to young drivers. To see how the game works, watch the video