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ITS Institute News Archives: 2007

Study: Rural Minnesota Drivers Take More Risks Than Urban Drivers

Rural drivers - especially pickup drivers - have more relaxed attitudes toward safety on the road, according to a new University of Minnesota study.

Story was featured on Fox 9 News, December 18, 2007 (no longer available online).

MnDOT studies new interactive road signs, smart cars

Story was featured on KSTP, November 14, 2007 (no longer available online).

I-394: Interstate Bottleneck Explained

There’s not much to it, really.

It’s a tiny section of road, only one thousand feet long.

It connects three lanes of eastbound Interstate 394 with three lanes of eastbound Interstate 94.

The problem is, the connector itself is a one-lane road.

Read the full story from KARE-11 News, November 13, 2007

Rural intersection safety reports: technology to prevent crashes

An intersection decision support device installed at a rural intersection.

An intersection decision support device installed at a rural intersection.

The Rural Intersection Decision Support research effort at the University of Minnesota set out to develop innovative technologies to prevent crashes at rural intersections. An interdisciplinary research team carried out extensive analyses of rural crash statistics and designed a system to help drivers negotiate dangerous intersections without the need for traffic signals, which can disrupt traffic and often lead to increased rates of rear-end collisions.

A new research summary and final research reports detail the Minnesota team’s efforts and the accomplishments of this groundbreaking research. The research team included ITS Institute director Max Donath, HumanFIRST Program director Nic Ward, and Intelligent Vehicles Program director Craig Shankwitz as well as many other researchers drawn from engineering, human factors, and associated disciplines.

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Advanced Transportation Technologies Seminars highlight ongoing ITS research

Michael Rakauskas

Michael Rakauskas

The Advanced Transportation Technologies Seminar Series is sponsored by the ITS Insitute during the fall semester of each year. Seminars are free and open to the public as well as to students; participants are eligible for professional development credit. More information about the series is available on the Seminar Series page.

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Planning technologies workshop draws planners, policy makers to U

A workshop focused on how new technologies can be used to support planning and public involvement attracted a diverse audience to the University of Minnesota August 3, 2007. Attendees heard planning professionals discuss how they have used a variety of technological aids to develop large-scale plans for transportation and land use projects and to encourage stakeholder participation in the planning process.

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