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Presentations at annual TRB meeting

University of Minnesota researchers and staff presented papers and presided over sessions at the annual Transportation Research Board (TRB) meeting in Washington, D.C., last month.


  • “Intelligent Transportation Systems and Other Technological Assistance Used in Minnesota Community-Based Transportation,” Yufeng Guo, American Planning Association; Frank Douma, Humphrey Institute
  • “Methodology for Performance Optimization of Ramp Control Strategies through Microsimulation,” Adinarayana Beegala, Parsons Brinckerhoff Quade & Douglas; John Hourdakis and Panos Michalopoulos, Civil Engineering
  • “Evaluation of Top-Down Cracks in Asphalt Pavements Using Self-Calibrating Ultrasonic Technique,” Lev Khazanovich, Raul Velasquez, and Edouard Nesvijski, Civil Engineering
  • “Reliability Analysis of Cracking and Faulting Prediction in New Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Procedure,” Mike I. Darter, ERES Consultants; Lev Khazanovich; Tom Yu and Jag Mallela, ERES Consultants
  • “Value of Trail Access in Home Purchases,” Paul Mogush, Kevin Krizek, and David Levinson, Humphrey Institute
  • “Information and Communications Technology as Substitute for Nonwork Travel: Direct Examination,” Kevin Krizek and Yi Li, Humphrey Institute; Susan Handy, University of California, Davis
  • “Effect of Facility Access on Bicycling Behavior,” Kevin Krizek and Pamela Jo Johnson, Humphrey Institute
  • “What Is at the End of the Road? Factors Affecting Discontinuities of On-Street Bicycle Lanes in Urban Settings,” Kevin Krizek and Rio Roland, Humphrey Institute
  • “Deconvolution of Vehicle Inductance Signature for Vehicle Reidentification,” Taek Mu Kwon and Anushri Parsekar, University of Minnesota Duluth
  • “High-Temperature Rheological Properties of Asphalt Binders,” Mihai Marasteanu, Civil Engineering
  • “Investing for Reliability and Security in Transportation Networks,” Lei Zhang and David Levinson, Civil Engineering
  • “Processing, Analyzing, and Archiving Travel Survey Data,” David Levinson; Ewa Zofka, SRF Consulting
  • “Benefit-Cost Analysis of Spring Weight Restrictions in Lyon County, Minnesota,” Ning Li, Civil Engineering
  • “Rational Locator Reexamined: Are Travel Times Still Stable?,” David Levinson; Yao Wu, Fehr & Peers Associates
  • “Review of Crash Risk and Driving Performance for Drivers with Clinical Mental and Personality Disorders,” Nic Ward, HumanFIRST Program
  • “I-394 MnPass Express Toll Lanes,” Lee Munnich, Humphrey Institute, and Ken Buckeye, Mn/DOT
  • “Gender Differences in Bicycling Behavior and Facility Preferences,” Kevin Krizek, Pamela Jo Johnson, and Nebiyou Yonas Tilahun, Humphrey Institute
  • “Variation of Subjective Value of Travel Time on Freeways and Ramp Meters,” Lei Zhang, Feng Xie, and David Levinson, Civil Engineering
  • “Spatial Attributes and Patterns of Use in Household-Related Information and Communications Technology Activity,” Kevin Krizek and Yi Li, Humphrey Institute; Susan Handy, University of California, Davis
  • “Bayesian Reconstruction of Median-Crossing Crashes and Potential Effectiveness of Cable Barriers,” Jianping Pei and Gary A. Davis, Civil Engineering
  • “Collective Responsibility in Freeway Rear-End Collisions? Application of Causal Models,” Gary A. Davis, Civil Engineering
  • “Estimating Bicycling Demand,” Gary Barnes and Kevin Krizek, Humphrey Institute
  • “Value of Time for Commericial Vehicle Operators in Minnesota,” Brian Smalkoski, Kimley-Horn and Associates; David Levinson, Civil Engineering
  • “Evaluation of Digital Maps for Road User Charging Applications,” Pi-Ming Cheng, Max Donath, Xiaobin Ma, Mechanical Engineering; Shashi Shekhar, Computer Science and Engineering; Ken Buckeye, Mn/DOT
  • “Value Pricing and Public Outreach: Minnesota’s Lessons Learned,” Lee Munnich, Humphrey Institute; Joseph Loveland, Loveland Communications
  • “Road Pricing with Autonomous Links,” Lei Zhang and David Levinson
  • “Effectiveness of Learning Transportation Network Growth Through Simulation,” Wenling Chen and
  • “Minnesota: Interstate 394 MnPass Express Toll Lane Develop David Levinson ment,” Ken Buckeye, Mn/DOT; Lee Munnich, Humphrey Institute
  • “Emergence of Hierarchy in Transportation Networks,” David Levinson; Bhanu Yerra, Thurston Regional Planning Council

Other activities

  • Robert Johns, CTS director, presided over a session titled “Where Is the Money? Long-Term Funding Options.” He also chaired the annual meeting of the Management and Leadership Section Executive Board.
  • Laurie McGinnis, associate director, chaired the Conduct of Research Committee meeting.
  • Cheri Marti, assistant director, chaired the Technology Transfer Committee meeting.
  • Arlene Mathison, CTS librarian, presided over a session titled “Managing Publications and Data on the Web: Intellectual Property, Access, and Preservation.”
  • Max Donath, director of the Center’s Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Institute, co-presided over a session titled “Should Teenage Drivers Be Electronically Monitored?”
  • Lee Munnich, director of the Humphrey Institute’s State and Local Policy Program, chaired the Road Pricing Outreach Subcommittee.
  • Kevin Krizek moderated a session titled “Land Use Modeling: Methods and Data.”