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Dr. John Hourdos

Director, Minnesota Traffic Observatory
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

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John Hourdos


790 Civil Engineering Bldg.
Civil Engineering Dept
University of Minnesota
500 Pillsbury Dr. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Hourdos' Department of Civil Engineering page


  • BS, Civil Engineering, University of Patras, Greece, 1993;
  • MS, Civil Engineering, University of Minnesota, 1996;
  • PhD, Civil Engineering, University of Minnesota, 2005.

Research Projects

Hourdos' ITS research page


Dr. Hourdos has extensive experience with the theoretical and practical aspects of traffic safety as well as traffic flow theory and modeling. While his initial work focused on Automatic Incident Detection on freeways he is internationally known for his work in microscopic simulation and modeling. During the last 5 years Dr. Hourdos has focused on research in traffic safety and especially in the early detection of freeway traffic crash prone conditions, the causal analysis of crashes, and the modeling of driver behavior related to crashes and near-crashes.

Dr. Hourdos received his M.S. and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the University of Minnesota where he has worked full time as a Research Associate since 1996. He is currently the Director of the Minnesota Traffic Observatory (MTO) and a Center for Transportation Studies Research Scholar. Dr. Hourdos is affiliated with several professional organizations, including the Institute of Transportation Engineers, Engineering Society of Greece, European Ramp Metering Group (EURAMP), NCHRP Research Panel Member. Transportation Research Board (Affiliate Member), Traffic Simulation Subcommittee of the Transportation Research Board, Committee on Freeway Operations of the Transportation Research Board, Committee on Safety Data, Analysis, and Evaluation of the Transportation Research Board, American Society of Civil Engineering. He also serves a reviewer for the ASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering and the Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Dr. Hourdos has authored or co-authored more than 15 papers in peer-reviewed journals. A list of relevant publications includes:

Hourdos, J., Garg, V., Michalopoulos, P., and Davis, G. (2006) "Real-time detection of crash prone conditions in freeway high crash locations" Transportation Research Record (Accepted for Publication).

Beegala, A., Hourdos (Hourdakis), J., and Michalopoulos, P. (2005). "Methodology for Performance Optimization of Ramp Control Strategies through Microsimulation". Transportation Research Record No. 1925, pp 87-100.

Feng, B., Hourdos, J., and Michalopoulos, P. (2005) "Improving Minnesota's Stratified Ramp Control Strategy" Transportation Research Record (Accepted for Publication).

Hourdos (Hourdakis), J., Michalopoulos, P., Morris, T. 2004."Deployment of Wireless, Mobile Detection and Surveillance for Data Intensive Applications". Transportation Research Record. No. 1900, pp 140-148.

Michalopoulos, P. Hourdos (Hourdakis), J. 2001. "Review of non-intrusive advanced sensor devices for advanced traffic management systems and recent advances in video detection" Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Part I, Journal of Systems & Control Engineering. Vol. 215 No. 4. pp 345-355.

Stephanedes, Yorgos J. Hourdos (Hourdakis), John. 1996. "Transferability of Freeway Incident Detection Algorithms". Transportation Research Record. No. 1554, pp 184-195.