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Intelligent Decision Support Systems Inside the Vehicle: Can They Help Drivers to Make Safer Driving Decisions?

Thursday, September 9
Part of the Fall 2010 Advanced Transportation Technologies Seminar Series.

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About the Seminar

In this seminar, Hayes described a study examining the safety impact of three decision support systems (DSS) used at intersections where a highway crosses a minor road controlled by a stop sign. Many crashes occur at such intersections because even cautious drivers sometimes make poor judgments about when to enter high-speed highway traffic. 

The three DSS warning systems evaluated in this study were a dynamic highway sign placed in the intersection, a similar display placed on sideview mirrors, and a haptic warning system in the seat that vibrates when gaps are unsafe. All three were evaluated and compared to identify which has the greatest ability to reduce crashes and increase safe driving behaviors.


Caroline Hayes, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota

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