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A Perspective on ITS Research at the USDOT

Part of the Advanced Transportation Technologies Seminar Series — 2008. For more information, contact Shawn Haag at the ITS Institute, 612-625-5608 or

December 2

Shelley Row [bio]
Director, ITS Joint Program Office, U.S. Department of Transportation

3:30–4:30 p.m., at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities campus in room 1130 of the Mechanical Engineering Building [map]

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are experiencing a paradigm shift powered by the explosion of information technologies and the connectivity that technology offers. There is the potential to dramatically alter how ITS is used by public agencies and travelers. The promise of the connected vehicle brings opportunities for significant safety advances and new data sources for use in multimodal transportation management.

The challenge facing the ITS community is to envision the future differently than the past and be positioned to capitalize on new opportunities. As director of the USDOT Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office, Shelley Row shared her perspective on the state of ITS today and the directions in the future.

Photo of Row, Hourdos and Morris

Shelley Row (right), director of the USDOT’s ITS Joint Program Office, discussed the Minnesota Traffic Observatory’s Digital Environment (DEN) visualization system with MTO director John Hourdos and lab manager Ted Morris.