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This sheet is meant as an assignment that will help direct students through the lesson. The web page the answer is found on is in parenthesis after the question, you may need to follow links on the indicated page to find the answer.

Answer the questions below:

  1. There are about _______ traffic fatalities a year. (Introduction)
  2. What does GDL stand for? (Directions)
  3. What does the NHTSA do? (Background)
  4. By what percentage do Graduated Drivers Licenses reduce fatal crashes for 16 year olds? (Background)
  5. What year did the NTSB open its doors? (Background)
  6. In 2003 alcohol was involved in __________ crashes. (Statistical Information)
  7. How many traffic deaths have occurred in the US since 1990? (Statistical Comparison)
  8. How many bridges are there state wide? (Statistics)
  9. What does the FIRST in HumanFIRST stand for? (HumanFIRST)
  10. What are ‘The Four E’s’? (TZD)
  11. How many people were killed in crashes involving 14 to 17 year olds from 1997 through 2004? (GDL)
  12. Does Minnesota have any passenger restrictions for young drivers? (GDL)
  13. Give an example of an ‘Onboard Technology’ meant to help keep teen drivers safe. (Safety Initiatives)
  14. What does the a in the equation F=ma stand for? (Equations page of the Physics of Speed unit)
  15. Define 'reaction time'. (Reaction time page of the Physics of Speed unit)
  16. What is the chance of being in a transportation related accident in any one year? (Statistical Comparison)
  17. Accoding to the NCSA, how many vehicle miles were driven in the US in 2004? (Background)

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