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Glossary of Terms

CTS - Center for Transportation Studies. Housed at the University of Minnesota, CTS is a catalyst for transportation innovation through research, education, and outreach.

Driving Contract - a contract between a parent and teen driver that outlines specific instructions and guidelines for driving privileges.

GDL - Graduated Drivers License. A drivers license that is gives limited driving privileges according to age or other factors. Generally privileges increase with age and/or experience.

HumanFIRST - a program within the University of Minnesota conducting research on driver performance and intelligent design related to surface transportation.

ITS - Intelligent Transportation Systems- This is the application of advanced communications, information processing, control and electronics technology to improve the transportation system in order to save lives, time and money.

kph - Kilometers per hour, rate of travel.

NHTSA - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration- a governmental agency, part of the Department of Transportation, responsible for setting safety standards and confirmation of compliance by automobile manufacturers.

NTSB - National Transportation Safety Board- is an independent governmental organization, formed in1967,that is responsible for investigation of accidents involving aviation, highway, marine, pipelines and railroads in the US.)

TZD - Toward Zero Deaths. A partnership of representatives from the Minnesota Department of Transportation, Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Minnesota State Patrol, Federal Highway Administration, and the Center for Transportation Studies at the University of Minnesota that has a goal of reducing traffic fatalities.

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