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To complete the lesson students should follow the links below. Students will begin the lesson with some background research on transportation safety. They will then precede to information about traffic fatalities and the related numbers and statistics. The students will learn about the attempts at reducing traffic accidents and fatalities, the TZD initiative and graduated drivers licenses (GDL's). The lesson will conclude with an online crossword and/or a presentation to be designed by the student. The lesson can range anywhere from 2-5 class periods depending upon what the instructor decides to include. Students should print out the study sheet and fill it in as they do the lesson.

Students should follow the links below to access the various parts of the lesson. The lesson is split into 5 parts; Background, Statistics, Safety, Speed/Physics and Student Assignments. There is an additional section with pictures that may be of interest to students, but that are not needed to complete the lesson. Please follow the links below (also located at the left of every page) to begin the lesson.

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