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Students can complete three possible assignments:

1. Study Sheet

The study sheet should be printed out and filled in as the student does the lesson.

2. PowerPoint Presentation

Students will create a PowerPoint presentation that will do the following:

  1. Introduce a specific traffic safety issue.
  2. Present your viewpoint on the safety issue.
  3. Give several suggested solutions to help solve the issue.  
  4. Include in your presentation a set of data that helps explain why the safety issue is a problem (such as fatality rates).

The suggested rubric (scoring guide) for the Presentation is as follows:  

  • Introduction:  5 points
  • View Point:  5 points
  • Solutions:  10 points
  • Data: 5 points
  • Use of pictures and graphics:  5 points
  • Understanding of materials:  5 points
  • Overall presentation:  5 points
  • Total:  40 points

3. Online Crossword Puzzle

Students can fill out the online crossword puzzle located here.

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