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Instructions #1

Below you will find a number of links to web sites that have background information about topographic mapping. You should visit these sites and browse them looking for important facts and data related to topographic mapping and its history. Below each link is a discription of what information the student should be looking for.

USGS - What is a topographic map?

Topographic maps – general information.

USGS topographic mapping history page - The USGS and topographic mapping history.

Topozone – create a topographic map of your location - Create a topographic map of your area by putting in your city and state.

Symbols for topographic maps 1 and Symbols for topographic maps 2 - Learn about the symbols used in topographic mapping.

How to make a topographic map of a mountain you make from clay - An example of how a simple map can be made.

A topographic map is easy to make. A simple sheet of graph paper and some data will allow a student to make their own topographic map. If students have a GPS receiver available for use they can make a map from data they personally collect. If their is no GPS receiver available then the students can use the simulated data included on this web site.

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