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Topographic Mapping Curriculum Unit

A topographic map is: A map containing contours indicating lines of equal surface elevation (relief). These maps are often called "topo maps."

This curriculum unit is designed to introduce students to topographic mapping through a combination of web exercises, an online crossword puzzle and the production of a topographic map. To complete the unit, students need to follow the steps in the web site and read and follow the directions on each subsequent page.

This unit is designed for student ranging from late elementary school to beginning high school, suggested grade range 6-10.

This curriculum unit should take between 2 and 4 class periods to complete.

Instructor information - Some instructors may wish to combine this unit with the ITS Institute's curriculum unit on the Global Positioning System (GPS). If the instructor has GPS receivers available they can be utilized to produce data that students may use to construct their own topographic map, please be aware that the data collection process is time intensive. The data contained within this unit was collected using a GPS unit.

A topographic map is: A map whose principal purpose is to portray the features of the earth's surface. These features might include the cultural landscape, but normally refer to the terrain and its relief. — Spatial Information Clearinghouse - Glossary

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