In this Unit:

Module Overview

Lesson Objective



Human Factors

Lab Exercises


Poor Designs


Additional Sites



To complete this curriculum unit, students will be asked to follow the steps below.

  1. Students will research the term 'human factors' and formulate their own definition for that term.
  2. Students will research the transportation related subjects associated with human factors.
  3. Students will perform some simple laboratory exercises that will help demonstrate why human factors are studied.
  4. Students will search the HumanFIRST Program web site and learn about the program.
  5. Students will search a web site which looks at some poorly designed objects.
  6. Students will take an online quiz about the things they have learned.
  7. As an optional assignment, students may wish to browse the additional human factors sites for interesting information.

To complete the lesson, students click on the step (above) that they are ready to perform. They may also use the links on the left side of the page or the 'next' link below.

This lesson should take about 3-5 class periods.

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