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Students will create a PowerPoint presentation that introduces GPS to someone that is not familiar with it by presenting one of the more interesting ways that GPS technology is used in today's transportation system. Collect as much information as you can about this specific transportation area. Then more thoroughly explore this transportation application, its benefits, pitfalls and future. Your presentation will be built around the transportation area of your choice. The presentation should include the following:  

  1. A short history of GPS.
  2. How GPS works.
  3. General examples of how GPS is used.

Your specific chosen transportation application of GPS with a more detailed explanation of its uses and the benefits derived from this particular use. 

Your presentation should include background pictures, images and anything else needed to keep it interesting.


The scoring guide for the presentation is as follows: 

  • History of GPS: 5 points
  • How GPS works: 10 points
  • Examples of GPS applications: 5 points
  • Specific transportation application and detailed explanation of its use:  10 points
  • Appropriate use of pictures and graphics: 5 points
  • Overall presentation and understanding of materials: 5 points
  • Total: 40 Points

(The above scoring guide is a suggestion and may be changed by individual instructors.)

A photo of a driver using a heads up display system.
A photo of the driver's view of a heads up display system.

The driver of this experimental vehicle is using a "head up display" (top)—a transparent screen in front of the driver's face (bottom) shows information from a GPS receiver, as well as other sensors like onboard radar, added to the driver's view of the road.