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Glossary of Terms


GPS Resources

Below you will find a number of links to web sites that have background information about GPS. You should visit these sites and browse them looking for important facts and data related to GPS. Under the link for each of these sites you will find some suggestions for important points to make note of. After you complete your tour of these sites you will take a quiz about what you should have learned.

National Air and Space Museum GPS Site

A History of GPS and Navigation

  1. How did we navigate before GPS?

  2. How does GPS work?

  3. How is GPS used for mapping?

  4. What other uses are there for GPS?

GPS Primer - The Aerospace Corporation

An Educational Resource Explaining Various Aspects of GPS

  1. What are the elements of GPS?

  2. How accurately can a location be pinpointed?

  3. How does GPS work?

  4. What are military and non-military uses for GPS?

Nova Online

Educational Games

  1. How does GPS work? Find out by playing the game GPS: The New Navigation.

  2. What is your longitude? Find out by playing the game Find Your Longitude.

Center for Transportation Research and Education

Slide Show About GPS and Real World Applications

  1. Review the slide show explaining how GPS works.

  2. What are the transportation applications of GPS?

ESRI Conference Proceedings

GIS/GPS in Transportation - Real World Experiences

  • What are the 3 major transportation-related uses of GPS technology?

GPS Applications Exchange

A List of GPS Applications

  • What are the various uses of GPS technology?

Office of Space Commercialization

An Explanation of Satellite Navigation

  1. What are the basics of satellite navigation?

  2. What are the production revenues for GPS?

Department of Earth and Atmospheric Science, York University

Geomatics What is it?

  • What are the various uses of GPS, as related to Earth Science

AIN Online

GPS "Spoofing" Article

  • What problems are associated with GPS?

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A photo of a snow plow with DGPS.

This snowplow uses Differentially Corrected GPS (DGPS), which adds an extra "correction" signal from a transmitter on the ground to improve accuracy.

Using DGPS, it is possible to find the vehicle's position within a few centimeters. In the near future, this technology may help prevent vehicles from running off the road in poor visibility conditions.